Why does the water purifier not disconnect but run continuously?

Depending on the different type of water purifier, the operating time of a water purifier will be different. Normally, a household water purifier with a tank will operate continuously from 10 minutes to 1 hour, after this time that the machine is still operating, it proves that you are having a condition that the water purifier does not disconnect. , this error is common in some famous brand water purifiers
If the water purifier does not have a tank, it only works when we get water, so it is rare to encounter this condition, but mainly to experience slow or weak water purifier.

Here are the reasons that water purifiers run continuously without interruption:

Due to water leak
Water leakage is one of the main causes of water purifiers that must run continuously.

When the water filter is leaked in front of the final filter, the water pressure to the RO filter will be insufficient, so the filtered water will be very small and continuous operation time is quite long.

If a leak is serious, the pressure of water supplied to the RO filter will be insufficient, so that the purified water after filtration will be little or no. This is the state of the water purifier running but without pure water.

Cause: Due to technical errors during the assembly process, because the machine has been operating for a long time without maintenance, due to damage to the joints, due to water pipe leaks, ….

How to fix: You need to determine where the leak is located, just solve the leak situation is your water purifier can work normally.

Check for leakage status of feed water
Check for leakage status of feed water
Because the pump is weak or broken
The pump is one of the indispensable water purifier equipment in RO water purifier. When the pump is in operation, the pressure of the water will be greatly increased to put into the filters, especially at the RO water filter core, which requires high pressure to be able to operate.

Therefore, when the pump is weak, the pressure put into the RO filter element will be weak, if not enough pressure, it will not be able to filter out pure water and put into the tank so the machine will operate continuously, time long or short depending on the strength of the pump.

If the pump is broken, the water pressure to bring the water into the filtration system is not available, making the water purifier unable to disconnect itself even if it has been running for a long time.

Cause: When the pump is operated for a long time, it will weaken and may be damaged. Working continuously without rest or working under high pressure will also cause this condition.

How to fix: Check the pump head to see if there is still enough working pressure or broken, if not, you can repair or buy a new pump to replace it.

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