The Selection of Coffee maker Machine…

Indeed that choosing a coffee maker such like you choose the husband: the guy who’s worth would be more durable …

There was a study of the West countries, They really had to prove that the noise of a coffee shop brings higher productivity quiet space. There’s that coffee shop is also now many people office sale, designers, journalists, some are extreme statement: not a shop which did not work. Also from that study, we also established the website of the restaurant noise recording available for those believers sitting office coffee but also take part as on the shop.

In the sound, the atmosphere of modern cafes, indispensable buzz buzz of grinders, known spray of steam, the smell of fragrant coffee maker and a busy atmosphere fresh from the bar counter outward projection. I’ve talked to many practitioners in training his preparation to come to the conclusion that if you consider there is money to buy the coffee for cafes, you should understand that you do not buy maker (espresso machine ), blender (grinder) just to have a few more items in the menu, which is crucial that you have purchased on a number of tools to make your team the opportunity to create an atmosphere of modern cafes. Our customers pay for a cup of coffee half and half – sometimes even more – to air the bartender created.

In a modern cafe now, there are 3 types of machines need to shop: 1 espresso machines, coffee grinders 2-, 3- Mixer (blender) is used to do the dishes and smoothies grindstone. There are 2 ways to invest, of course (no more than 1 what way): a machine is bought for all 3 and 2 is to buy only the mixer (blender) alone because alone is enough to your blender to do all grind stone dishes, smoothies, soda and take away menu. Only the lack of hot items (espresso, capuccino, latte …) but more importantly as I said in the beginning, the atmosphere lacked a little Italian coffee.

Suppose you plan to invest in full, you must choose the first ones will be the coffee, because it’s big money, and is the most important. There are several basic rule bullet I will help you, drawn from bloody experience more consistent:

Must use a professional (commercial) – prices range from 45 million or more, and not be used for home or office computer (the price range of 15-20 million). Office machine is only allowed to serve less than 50 drinks a day, and if you catch it serves 50 cups / day for 3 consecutive months, after 3 months that it will fail. Use the machine after 3 months down the 18 million would also be expensive, right? A second commercial plant will serve you continuously 200-300 cups per day throughout the year and 2-3 years later (in good maintenance conditions).

Once selected professional line then, your next option is the capacity of the machine: in Vietnam, the popularity is that you need to choose a machine with 1 or 2 espresso coffee needs only. (3 required is too large, the VN rarely used). So when you choose the machine 2 needs his predictions will serve more than 300 cups of hot toys / day or your guests tend to put too much on the rush hour. Another reason to choose the machine 2 should be a machine you want to have a little beauty to show off to visitors because the machine 2 to boast larger and easier than Emoticons wink. None of the above conditions, then select 1 need. 1 to lower prices machine 2 machine needs 20-30 million.

Selected in the professional series, I will draw a sketch of the brand machine so you can have the map start, I get to do a standard rack 2 to distinguish, people want to know the price of the machine 1 should just subtract 20-30 million is being. Vietnam market makers can be divided into 3 levels:

– Level 1: the high-end models cost between 90-120 million, including the products of La Cimbali, Faema, Casadio, RANCILIO.

– Level 2: the middle line of high-end machines cost between 80-90 million, including the Gaggia, Expobar, Wega, GRIMAC, Reneka.

– Level 3: the grain cheaper models, priced from 65-75 million including Gino (Taiwan), Rocket (US).

*** I just tell my models have experienced user or my partner have used, you friends who have broader experience can complement but advised people to only give advice if I used / grasp the nature of the product.

*** Some brands at medium heights there are expensive machines up to reach level 1 but I just mention here the popular models on the market or used their VN only.

Must say though is does the brand level above machinery are professional machine, ie can phase out coffee quality enough to sell. So what difference where, why this machine more expensive than the other machines is fine?

Serious writers once again bored so I temporarily simile coffee machine as bisexual creatures that, just as both a dzai girl. It is like you choose dzai because her husband would be worthwhile guy …. more durable. Reach level 1 to say that you do not have to think about reliability and reach level 3 to say that you have to weigh that Emoticons grin. It is also because, like your daughter chose his wife dearly, it is a good design. You want to show off the machine that glitter on the bar, then forget about using level 3 go offline, just look at our stainless steel cover room and did not want to work.

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