Moka Pot – Simple Coffee mixer at Home

The moka is known as the “small coffee machine” with the principle of using osmosis pressure as Siphon but made of metal with a simpler design and much more convenient. This is the choice of many coffee lovers because it is cheap, easy to use, and very reliable. You can use this device forever, every human life is well preserved. Basically it has nothing to ruin. But more than the ability to promote the flavor that Moka pot brings to convince the most difficult coffee.

With the principle of action based on osmotic pressure, moka pot has the ability to sublimate the taste of coffee very well. Although it is slightly inferior to an Espresso cup, it is still a household appliance, designed for the kitchen with a simple design.

History of moka vase design
The moka patent was first patented in Italy by inventor Luigi De Ponti, and Alfonso Bialetti (1888-1970) was an engineer who invented it in 1933. Bialetti was also the founder of the work. Bialetti Industrie SpA, Italian kitchenware company. The first designation was “Moka” and this was the name that revolutionized design as a symbol of the coffee industry. The classic design of a coffee pot with a balanced metal body has been maintained for more than 80 years, which is unusual in a world of constantly changing products.

Since its inception, Moka Express has become the most famous coffee pot in the world and has been quoted in the Guinness Book of World Records as well as various design publications. Although many variants of Moka have been developed, including Mukka Express (also a Bialetti product that allows adding milk to enjoy cappuccino). But the Moka Express logo with the palm of his hand is still a classic symbol of the coffee industry, today the Moka Express design is on display at the London Design Museum.

Social impact
The Espresso coffee machine was born before the Moka Express but was bulky, expensive and technically complicated. Few people have an espresso machine at home, so drinking coffee is mostly in public. And when the Moka Express was born, with a relatively small, cheaper and easy-to-use design, it helped many people enjoy Espresso at home.

From the preparation tool becomes the symbol
There are already a number of different manufacturers that have made use of the reputation of Bialetti’s Moka Expres, making more variations, with different enhancements … For example, Bellman has stainless steel moka Lean (CX-25 Series) operates at higher pressures and is capable of producing thicker coffees.

After the Second World War, moka vases from Italy were found throughout southern Europe and became a benchmark in enjoying coffee. Its popularity has made the southern European manufacturers create more copies, or new designs inspired by original Italian designs. But what Bialetti’s Moka pot is is a symbol of Italy in the process of “revolutionizing” the coffee mix at home. Today Bialetti has created many new designs with different functions but still retain the Moka legend of the legendary.

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