The phenomenon of slow flow and leakage in the water purifier, The cause and how to fix them?

This is one of the most common faults in water purifiers on the market today. When this error occurs, customers can easily fix it at home without having to ask a specialist, however, you need to ensure that you can assemble everything in accordance with the instructions and can install. Correct with the machine’s original position.

For this error, sometimes you don’t need to touch the water purifier to fix it, if and only if:
Due to weak inlet water pressure
When the inlet water pressure is too weak, the supply of water for the water purifier will be insufficient, so you need to increase the pressure of the upstream water to overcome this situation.

For the water purifier equipped with the pump system, you need to check whether the pump is weak or not, if the pump is weak, you need to check whether the pump has enough criteria to operate anymore. No, if the machine is too weak, you must replace the pump so that the faucet can work again.

So the first reason has been mentioned, in the next cause may need to remove inside the water purifier, so you need to be careful and gentle to make sure not to affect the functions inside the device. :
Because the valve is clogged or broken
This error is often very difficult for someone who is not knowledgeable about the technology to perform, so if you are not an expert in this technique, please consult the expert for best support.

Image of water filter core valve
The cause of this error is:

– When the water valve has been in operation for a while and due to water pressure, it will cause the valve foot to open or the valve will be clogged due to the stain sticking to it.

– Due to faulty or loose assembly process resulting in water clogging after a few days of use or water flows very slowly

– After a long time of use, the broken valve will make the valve function of the valve weakened or lost

How to fix:

– When this error occurs, you can take out the valve and clean the valve again and reinstall it in the same position

– If the valve is no longer usable, you should buy a new valve

The next cause is also the most common cause and mainly happens to individuals and units that have used water purifiers for a long time:
When the water filter core is clogged
For this error, the fix is not too difficult, if you use the type of water filter without frames placed under the sink, the remedy will be simpler.

The reason for the clogged water filter core is that after a period of use, the customer does not replace the water filter element, resulting in a dirty filter element, with a too heavy level, the water purifier will flow slowly.

For this error, you can fix yourself in 2 ways below:

– Method 1: Clean the filter core

You only need to remove the filter core and then go to the toilet with clean water and reinstall as the original

After installation, you can let the machine operate for about 1 hour as well as take water after the filter is removed or used for living (should not drink)

– Method 2: Replace the new water filter

The best way to ensure the quality of water is like the new machine is that you need to replace a new water filter core, so the pure water will ensure better quality.

You should replace filters according to the advice of experts to ensure the quality of drinking water output.

Some water filtration systems will be closed so you cannot clean them, so you need to change them.
Water leakage
Leakage of water in the water purifier will cause water shortages to the reservoir, which in turn will weaken the outlet water.

Water leakage should be overcome early to minimize the risks that it can cause such as water waste, electric shock, …

When the water purifier is leaking, check to see where the device is leaking. Often the water valves, faucets or connections between the filters will leak, you just need to check the leak points and handle them.

Note: During processing, you need to turn off the power to avoid electric leakage, endangering yourself
Due to weak or broken pressure vessel
In a water purifier RO, the pressure vessel is rarely damaged, so this cause is very rare.

When this error occurs, you need to check whether the pressure vessel is weak or not, if it is weak, you can bring up the pressure pump, if it is broken, you need to replace the new one.

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