“I will be going to The Coffee House when there’s nowhere to go”

I remembered the time I was passing by The Coffee House on Tran Hung Dao Street approximately 2 years ago, I decided I must visit this place. Then this new chain has no floating amount fingers of one hand. And as I sit here typing this to, The Coffee House has 40 affiliates. From the first time I had to drink a glass of iced coffee then I have not counted the total number of times that I have visited the restaurant of this system anymore.

Because that I will be going to The Coffee House when I do not know where to go.

By The Coffee House has a reliable wifi, comfortable sitting space, sometimes quite noisy but it just is wearing headphones on. Out into the crowded shop, look who I’m happy. Romance with friends, everyone knows there is not any hard-earned. Sitting alone is not worried too long sitting, the contract period.

wen ahrh

The first time I visited The Coffee House on Nguyen Trai street, I was surprised because wifi auto login. Turns out the whole system is synchronized à wifi. Then, I had The Coffee House in Hanoi, Hai Ba Trung, wifi also automatically logged.

From time to time, walk along the road, suddenly I saw his phone message alert Facebook, then I’ll come to turn back, see if The Coffee House does not.

I just choose a cappuccino while at The Coffee House Stone


There are also a few times, I would choose Virgin Kiss – a mocktail named cute, or so long as peach orange lemon grass tea. But in the end, I chose to be loyal to their cafe sua da. In fact, if at home, I will Cau Dat Coffee 100% Arabica sweet taste and logistics. At The Coffee House also had a mix of Robusta and Arabica (Robusta more), but the system always have stability, a very stirring.

Period working in Hanoi, i or visit The Coffee House in Hai Ba Trung, sometimes repeatedly within a week. Nostalgic look familiar face, or drink a lot so I just went back and forth, you see this big country immediately shift to natural undiminished nearby for convenience.

Journal of Crop – the Cau Dat area where the finest Arabica beans grown Vietnam on human beings give up thousands and secret city “hide” from the hustle of the cooking, enjoy the music. Crop has distributed for free at The Coffee House.

Summed up, I do not really loyal fan of The Coffee House, but this is where my chain or had the most. Work does not have to worry wifi problems. Romance friends not to worry not only quality road or drinks.

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