“Little Women” family, love and aspirations

– The most important thing for a girl is to get married well.
– But you didn’t marry anyone?
– Because I’m already rich.

Nothing to complain about is the latest version of Little Women, an adaptation of Greta Gerwig from Louisa May Alcott’s novel of the same name. It must be said that this new version is even better than the successful 1994 version, but it lacks the depth and simplification of May Alcott’s story (according to many critics, Little Women 2019 is the best adaptation of literary works of the same name). True to the title of the movie, Little Women draws us into the “female space” of the teenage girls, at the moment of transition between “little girl” and “girl”, and then the word ” maiden “becomes adult women. It is a story about small rivalries, small feuds between sisters, warm family love, a young woman’s longing for love when she reaches adulthood, and the struggle for a place in the masculine society of women not only has a loving heart but also a distinct individual mind and yearning.

The movie may make men hesitate to go to theaters because of its rich femininity and a bit of gender politics (with a trailer that is not good), it is actually a story that can conquer all. everyone. Because it’s not just about girls, Little Women is also a miniature American family-society picture during the Civil War and after the Civil War, with humorous conversations that satirize society. One point that helps me enjoy the movie more fully is the audience – today I went to see the movie’s release date, with a group of (surprised) audiences of all ages. year old. Those are the spectators who respect the movie – sitting silently glued to the screen from start to finish, but at the same time expressing collective joy with well-timed amused laughs and sometimes sobs. sniffle. I sympathize with those sniffles, because I spent my teenage watching the stories of Jo and my sisters from page to page, so the experience of watching movies is like “meeting” old friends. thought has been forgotten but is still “there.”

During a time when men in the army coat of the Union of the North and the Confederation of the South were fighting fiercely on the bloody battlefields of the American Civil War, in the small town of Concord in the state of northern Massachusetts, The March family is a complete miniature world of small women.

That was Mrs. Marmee March (Laura Dern), a gentle and caring woman who had to manage four teenage girls, while at the same time still had to manage everything in the house and participate in communal activities. in the hope that Mr. March (Bob Odenkirk) will return after the battlefield turns off gunfire.

The March couple’s four daughters are completely opposite personalities. Elder Margaret “Meg” (Emma Watson) is gentle with the beauty of a teenage girl and wishes to become a part of the elite artist world through finding a husband “worthwhile” in the a dancing party.

In stark contrast to her sister, the second daughter of the March family, Josephine “Jo” (Saoirse Ronan), has a strong, stubborn personality, and is determined not to give in to anyone, but readily heart to put both heart and mind on the pages of writing like a true writer.

The film is a story revolving around four daughters of the March family. Not passionate about writing, the third daughter of the March family, Amy (Florence Pugh), with a natural talent for painting, has a dream of becoming a talented painter, despite the fact that the girl has just passed the age. is always in the face of two bloody sisters, artists Meg and Jo.

It is not clear if the last born after three strong sisters, youngest Elizabeth “Beth” (Eliza Scanlen) is the quietest, most shy person, despite possessing a skilled finger. the keys. Despite the hard wartime life in the cold New England countryside, love and faith in life help the March family to have a peaceful and happy life that seemed like nothing could be divided.

7 years after those dreamy days, Jo went to New York to seek opportunities with the pen – a challenge that is not easy in society, though a bit modern but still full of prejudice and male psychology. disdain women, especially in creative and independent fields like writing.

Although there are good friends like the French guy “professor” Friedrich Bhaer (Louis Garrel), Jo still struggles in the New York literature fierce to find position. In her weak moments, she remembered her little home in Concord with her sisters, and pondered why that happy little family, and her own life, had changed completely. Since the appearance of the romantic guy Theodore “Laurie” (Timothée Chalamet) – the only grandson of the rich and kind old neighbor Laurence (Chris Cooper).

Coming to Little Women, viewers once again have the opportunity to quietly watch the love stories of that person through the energetic and emotional acting of Saoirse Ronan as Jo – the central character and also the storyteller. of the whole movie. Inheriting the original content of the classic original, Little Women has a very dense, colorful, emotional and extremely memorable character line.

Therefore, not only Saoirse Ronan’s Jo, but almost the entire character line of Little Women have created a different mark, from the innocence, innocence to the heart of Beth through the performance of the actress. Only in her twenties, until the turbulent way of life gradually blurred Amy’s innocence thanks to Florence Pugh’s wonderful acting.

And of course, it is impossible not to mention the appearance, though not much, but always radiates the warmth of motherhood from Mrs. March – one of the two outstanding supporting roles in 2019 cinema from the same name Laura Dern.
To make a difference when compared to earlier versions of Little Women, Greta Gerwig opted for a modern approach with a nonlinear arrangement alternating between 1868’s gray “present” and The pink “past” of the American Civil War years, the same storytelling that combines both the perspective of the third and the first.

This relatively complex structure by Little Women makes Gerwig’s latest work relatively difficult to follow compared to Lady Bird’s simplicity. But the more you watch, the more the audience will be fascinated by the interwoven stories like Jo, Amy and Laurie’s life with many twists.

More importantly, Greta Gerwig’s modern storytelling also makes a difference and new for the seventh adaptation of Little Women, a challenge that is not easy for any director to put on the screen. the work has been classified as classics and has been adapted by many big names such as Gillian Armstrong (1994 version with Winona Ryder and Christian Bale, or George Cukor (1933 version with publishing) by Katharine Hepburn and Douglass Montgomery).

The newness of Little Women also comes from the talent of two French names in the crew: cinematographer Yorick Le Saux and composer Alexandre Desplat. With strange camera angles and the choice of light as well as soft tones, Le Saux not only gives the New England land of nineteenth-century America a peaceful, familiar beauty, but also helps characterize the mood. and the fate of the little women of the March family at a critical moment in their lives through shape and color, without the need for any lines.

For his part, Alexandre Desplat once again demonstrated his coolness in writing music for soft-paced movies, requiring emotional depth. Viewers may forget the content of the conversation between Jo and Beth on the beach, but certainly cannot forget how the sisters leaned against each other in the numbness of the sea breeze on a typical gloomy day. of the northern lands of New England.

And viewers can also forget the name of Friedrich’s straightforward “professor”, but perhaps can’t forget the way he played the lyrical notes of Beethoven’s No.8 sonata on Beth’s beloved piano – but The musical note expresses the feelings of all the March members when thinking about the person they love.

It is the own successes of Yorick Le Saux and Alexandre Desplat have put on Little Women – a novel over 150 years old – a different, new, close and very attractive shirt.

Contrary to the title – when translated as Little Women, Little Women is a story about strong women who dare to love, dare to live, dare to choose for themselves a fate, instead of being destined. of parents, of society, of human prejudices.

There is no need to play around with propaganda and propaganda messages, and there is no need to over-dramatize sad stories that everyone else’s life doesn’t have, the movie still creates empathy from audiences thanks to a lot. a lot of slices happy, sad, but all very beautiful, very life about the women of the March.

After watching the movie, perhaps each audience will keep a story for themselves. It could be a lesson in how to love and how to open up to the love of teenage girls like Jo, like Amy. That could be a lesson on how to overcome the burden of rice and money to turn your love, enthusiasm with writing into a success and a lasting reputation.

Or it can be a simple lesson on how to reconcile personality conflicts, in the lifestyle that exist in any family, so that all family members love and understand each other better.

But surely, the biggest feeling about Little Woman by director Greta Gerwig lies in the fact that this is a work of women, about women, to express the utmost respect and trust of women filmmakers.

If there is a word to summarize Little Women, I think it is “harmonious”. The strength of the film script, in addition to the flexible connection between the past and present stories, is the vividly bringing the characters from the book page to the screen on the screen, with emotional feelings. individual feelings, without anyone fading away – something very difficult to do with a family movie – romance that has characters from generations of characters. The biggest surprise is that Amy, under the portrayal of Florence Pugh, is really impressed by her intelligence and grace, sometimes even outperforming Saoirse Ronan with the lead role. And Meryl Streep “steal the show” every time she appears, even if she only plays a supporting role is the difficult and difficult Ms. March. In addition to the round acting of the cast, the music is the highlight that makes the touching moments more sublimate.

The end of the movie seems predictable but contains a small subtle question mark for the readers of Louisa May Alcott. My suggestion for those who do not read books is to google about the author’s life after watching the movie to find for himself the answer to that small question mark.

A movie especially suitable for the first days of the year, to welcome a warm new year with family and enjoy a bit of sweet and feminine romance without a lack of humor and intelligence. A movie of hope: hope in despair and hope after despair in life.


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