What is airlock filter? How to fix it

Water purifier during use may encounter errors, damage, condition of airlock water filter is also a common error. So the waterlock is caused by airlock and how to fix this situation?
What is airlock filter?
Water filters are popular equipment for consumers because water filters help bring clean water for the whole family. However, after a while using the water purifier, you may encounter damage such as clogged, broken filter elements, airlock …

Airlock water purifier is the phenomenon of airlock water filter after replacing the filter element improperly, this situation is also common. However, to overcome this situation, not everyone knows.

Water filter is caused by airlock and how to fix it? first

What is airlock filter?

Cause the water filter is airlock when replacing the new filter element
Replacing a new water filter is a must every 2 years, however, it is not easy when you do not have much knowledge about the water filter, sometimes it can make the machine worse.

+ Airlock is often encountered in airlock when installing the new filter element into the machine, when screwing the threads of the filter in the first installation, the air in the filter core cannot drain out causing airlock. This is the main reason for the waterlock to be removed. The airlock is when locking the pressure valve, observing the waste water and water coming out of the hose with air bubbles or water filters that have abnormal noise after replacing the filter.

+ Another reason leading to the condition of the airlock is that the repair of the water supply pipe for the machine, so install the water supply for the washing machine first and then install the water supply for the water purifier, when the machine will operate. Dynamic stability, quieter

How to fix waterlock airlock
When the water filter is airlock, you should master the following knowledge to be able to fix this situation yourself:

+ First, you have to turn off the power, lock the water tank valve and open the use hose, then observe the clean water and sewage line to see if bubbles appear or not.

You should carefully check the water source, the power source
+ Next, remove the front quail of the RO filter and drain the air inside the filter cup out. Note, when turning the filter cup, the first time should not screw too tight to about 1.2 threads so that the air can escape when the water is poured in, until the 2nd time screw the thread tightly

+ Finally, tighten the cup tightly, open the water valve and the power plug to let the water filter work. Check the water taken out and waste water again for air bubbles. If not, the water filter is properly installed. If not, then the machine fails, must be repeated.

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