MALÈNA – the trampled goddess

Although it has been 20 years, Malèna still leaves an unforgettable impression on viewers. No words can describe the beauty of the film, the beauty of the small details and the beauty of Malena. Renato Amoroso ended his story of Mary Magdalene like that. A fourteen-year-old boy, Amoroso, falls in love with a beautiful twenty-seven-year-old woman like the Goddess, and whose name reminds people of the famous prostitute of God: Maddalena Scordia (and incidentally, Monica Bellucci was also the one who played Magdalene in “The Passion of the Christ”).

The film is set in 1940 when Mussolini brought Italy into World War II in the city of Castelcuto on the island of Sicily. In that land, there is a splendid beautiful woman named Malèna.

Malena walked in a standard figure with a beautiful long black hair. In every step, she looks strangely lonely. Wondering, a beautiful woman should be protected by the man she loved, enjoying the same happiness. Something about her exuded a sense of pride but loneliness. Malena is the dream of many people. All want to have her for a lost night because of Malena’s beauty, not because of love. Even emotional Malenians dare not speak up because of the public’s opinion. The feeling that Malena’s steps on the sunny street are lonely steps.

However, that beauty looks like a curse. People sought by the world, turned out to be spent long lonely nights. Her husband, Lieutenant Nino Scordia, had to go to war all the way to North Africa after being married for just over a month. Sad and lonely, Malèna wanders the streets all day to pass the time. Malena didn’t have anyone by her side, really giving her the happiness she deserved, someone who was against all that gossip for her sake. Because of beauty, Malena is jealousy, contempted, slandered. Does she deserve it?

People put things about Malena because they are jealous of her beauty. Malena does not cease to miss her husband when he goes to battle. Why can humans be so ruthless? Perhaps, because of beauty, because of her pride, she was pushed out of society, isolated? When it was announced her husband died at the battle. The public even further fussed about the ridiculous things that she had a lover around. Only Renato knew the truth, she was a good person, a faithful person.

Because Malena suddenly becomes single, is the threat of the women around. They began not to sell her food, disdain her from the eye. One incident led to another, Malena suffered the humiliation of sleeping with the men who helped her as if to pay for what they brought. Malena has no other choice. She was ostracized. She has no money left. If she said she was conservative, she insisted she would starve to death. When I watched Malena go to bed with big, rude, lewd guys, I felt frustrated and hurt. A beautiful and dignified girl has to sell her self-esteem for help. Wasn’t there any free help? All have its price?

Malena changes herself and becomes the “entertainer” of men. That was when she had sold her soul and her innocence. People feel happy because it is what they thought: Malena is just a call girl. Malena’s face was always cold and composed. But in times of suffering, looking deep into the eyes, tears fell down her cheeks. Malena didn’t cry, scream, she endured. Tears when she heard that her husband and father died or when the day she sat in a chair in the middle of the square, officially became a call girl.

Perhaps, other than Monica Belluci, who is considered a sex symbol of Rome, no one could describe Malèna so brilliantly. No one but Belluci can make all men look back. Sad eyes, an arrogant face, combined with fiery body – Belluci doesn’t have to “play Malèna, because she is Malèna.

The scene where everyone rushed to beat Malena, how much jealousy and envy of women was poured into the blows. Poor Malena. There is no love between women? Together the women must understand. They also knew for their sake that it led Malena to this dead end. She cried and cried in front of the men. One of them may like her or have slept with her. However, no one stood to protect her, protect her from the jealous women. Because everyone shunned, isolated Malena. Malena was tortured, abused just for her beauty. Beauty is a curse of fate? Seeing that scene, I did not cry. But until, Malena, wearing a black scarf stepped onto the train. I suddenly realized when my cheeks were wet. Malena just wants to be happy, protected. Malena just wants a peaceful life. Like many women, Malena wants to find her man. Although, Malena is a beautiful person, she also just wants very simple, everyday things. But the irony fate that pressed her, pushed her to the point of being abused, I wondered why such a person should enjoy what they deserve. But no, the beautiful Malena was ruined in both face and dignity. Malena left, fled to start a new life. A beautiful, lofty, arrogant Malena at the beginning of the film now leaves with her face devastated.

At the very least, the movie doesn’t have a bad ending that will hurt viewers. Malena goes back to her old house with her husband. Malena is several years old but could not conceal her once beautiful beauty. At the end of the movie, Malena’s steps limp, her body also deteriorates a lot. She had to cover up the traces of the old days with old clothes.

Among the men who aspired to monopolize that woman, there was a boy named Renato Amoroso (Amoroso means Love in Italian). The 14-year-old boy has a secret crush on the woman twice his age. It’s not just a crush, it’s a sexual desire. We see that when Renato stole Malèna’s underwear and hid it in the room.

Beautiful and sad to know the images of a skinny boy cycling after Malèna on all the golden and sunny streets, tinged with the sorrow of Italy in the 1940s.

Miss Malèna Was Like a Goddess – Maybe that’s because the story was told from Renato’s point of view. Because that old woman, it was your love, your dream, your desire. That is why she looks “unreal” so much.

Does every boy in his teens have a dream? A dream of a beautiful woman splendidly but never reached?
It turns out, the movie doesn’t have a bad ending, hurting viewers. Malena goes back to her old house with her husband. Malena is several years old but could not conceal her once beautiful beauty. At the end of the movie, Malena’s steps limp, her body also deteriorates a lot. She had to cover up the traces of the old days with old clothes.

Released in 2000, Malèna has truly become an Italian masterpiece of art. It is not only the film that has made Monica Belluci a beauty icon, but also a perfect piece of film, editing and music.

Malèna characters do not tell stories. Only pictures tell, background music tells. This was also recognized by critics, as the film won two Oscars nominations for Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack.

It’s not just a story about love. Malèna tells about the tough times of Italy in the 1940s, about the fate of women. Perhaps that is why the work will last forever, and almost no one can replace Monica Belluci as Malèna – one of the most beautiful female characters of all time!

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