Interstella – ” épilogue” for love

For me, sci-fi is a difficult genre, its stature is large and covers futuristic issues, it has a high estimate of a simulated society in science and technology. and man has reached a new level, it contains in which theories have been studied and embraced anthropology. Therefore, there are not many sci-fi movies worthy of that name. It’s scattered over the decades, so that every time a real sci-fi film is actually made in a series of movies that the world produces every year, we mark it as a special highlight of the years. that month. We used to have Alien (1979), 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Blade Runner (1982) … And 2014, Christopher Nolan Interstellar’s latest movie deserves to be shoulder-to-shoulder with scientific cinematic works. The fiction I have listed in part above.
Ambitious, daring, not abusing CGI, twisting the theory of physics with the proposition called Love, Christopher Nolan brought Interstellar closer to the grandeur of 2001: Stanley Kubrick’s A Space Odyssey, a movie which Nolan has enjoyed since he was 8 years old.
A film nearly three hours long is a challenge for any audience, the film is full of theories of physics, astronomy makes it far away from the audience, but fortunately the movie with drama The version written by the Nolan brothers has an amazing skill, logic, and reasonableness in things that seem difficult to stick together to make the film attractive from start to finish. Not a single minute of the film is wasted, and even long patiently long shots of a point of view without a highlight won’t make us boring. Because the story that Nolan wanted to tell with scientific theories, by the decay of an about to be destroyed Earth was the story of man, of which man never knew its power, it was stronger. everything, it can redeem everything, it is the god that can save the survival of mankind: Love.
Before getting to the core of the story. I will start with the satellites surrounding it. The story doesn’t seem as confusing and puzzling as the way his previous movies make us feel.
The opening of the movie is stories told on television screens, by the elderly, who have gone through a terrible crisis of the earth losing its friendliness towards humans, All food crops cannot live in dusty air where the loss of oxygen is replaced by increased nitrogen. Interjected are vast cornfields somewhere, where a black farmer, dusty by the sand, sinuous and strong, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) is driving his car through the fields. Mai with two children, a boy and a girl chasing a small drone with real amusement mixed with joy. The angle of the machine pouring down from above to follow the car creating its own path on the corn field is a beautiful, impressive and attractive scene. Love is rekindled in the hearts of the audience like putting a signal in the hearts of viewers, something that we need to remember, until the credits of the movie appear.
Cooper is a former NASA engineer, the space agency was closed many years ago because the Earth was so poor that people only need farmers, no longer engineers. Even the story of the Apollo landing on the moon has been fixed (reminds me of 2001: A Space Odyssey). Cooper is the last chance that Professor Brand (Michael Caine), one of the last people is researching how can save people from genocide. For the future of his son, of humanity, Cooper accepts to fly the Endurance spacecraft with the daughter of Professor Brand (Anne Hathaway), into the wormhole discovered many years ago. Again, many years ago a crew passed through that black hole carried on a mission called Lazarus to find the planets that have the conditions for humans to survive on. They found three satisfactory planets and sent signals back, but they never returned to Earth. That is the reason why the Endurance spacecraft’s mission is to those three planets to verify, at the same time on Earth, Professor Brand will find out the missing physical formula to be able to launch the giant space station out. force to pull the Earth and into space. The question is, where will the Endurance mission go? What’s behind the black hole, which is only calculated in theory? What people do not know, cannot know, cannot imagine when crossing the horizon to approach the spatial dimensions that lie beyond time and space?

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