Crash Landing on You – Beautiful view under the sky

Perhaps because the film has placed the character in the rural sky of North of Korean , the story permeates the peaceful love between a space full of stars and moonlight. Love between the two main characters is therefore beautiful like a journey in the wind and clouds.
It has been a long time since Korean films have immersed themselves in nature such as Crash Landing on You’s cheesy story. The film does not discuss too much about the structure of the story, about the line of character development. You need a movie with depth, please dear one. But if you need to fly in dramatic space to push your love up, the movie does. There is a kiss of goodbye in the middle of the armistice border, or there is a choking word out over the sound of gunshots falling. Love, oh love left!
I love Crash Landing on You not because of the flashiness of the stylish outfits, nor because the humor will carry the writer’s personal mark. But I appreciate it because the film is so imbued with the “swordplay” that has been watched for a long time. In the harsh Korean political atmosphere, the hero who saved the beauty was lost in the battlefield to see and love. Crash Landing on You is therefore a very well-suited romantic comedy action film, in acting, the two main actors are very light, natural, but contain the spirit of the game: we play very happily, we are all Playing is sad, we remember each other, but we still have to say goodbye. Perhaps, because of fate, perhaps because both are inherently rational people in love. If one loves peace, we are safe from seeing nothing to touch. But if people love insecurity, we want to kick the earth and tear heaven and earth to stick together.
I don’t know, because of that, so charming is the acting of both the heroine Son Ye Jin and the male lead Hyun Bin who plays love in a few places, so the chemistry has not reached the level that the chemistry’s desire for each other matches. Just love – there, she, he, in that moment fell in love longingly and couldn’t help but be foolish.
Far apart, knowing can not be foolish, we stop. No regrets nor tangerines. My life lives, until I wait to believe you are in danger.
And so the boy “stormed”. Oh love, horizontal love!
Sometimes, I want Crash Landing on You to have a real, sad ending. Because the sad ending is the most realistic, leaving the most aftertaste with the series of movie episodes. Korea and Korea, two pieces of family life, two resilient personalities, love can not subdue love, how can we be together forever? Forever is not possible, can only ask forever how far? Meet that, then will be apart. Let it be a beautiful nostalgia with two fragments of soul.
Oh, but, the film has not yet ended, and it is speculated that the scriptwriter will unify the two inter-Korean regions to cooperate. Well, the movie is virtual, the writer cannot want anything. So just wait for a writer who dares to let the male lead from another planet choose Earth to sow love, then will choose the end of Crash Landing on You according to her creation. Who knows, it will be a surprise.

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