“The world of the married” An Asian movies but bold Western ideas

I need to let you know that the great commercial success of The world of the married makes me extremely happy, happy that my mark of old-time Kim Hee-ae is back, glorious and magnificent. Post-photo’s acting – never a symbol of Korean advertising – to make the majority of adult audiences have to win television to see her acting instead of letting a young audience stir.
And the success of The World of The married gives an advantage to mature moviegoers so that Korean film production trends will change, replacing films like The King: Enternal Monarch of fairytale screenwriter. Kim Eun-suk’s illusion with films like The World of The married, breaking into the world of everyday stories still has the potential to explore and conquer the audience.
However, to me, while The World of The married is an interesting drama, it has a lot of controversy, it is not a good drama. Perhaps because the drama to save the ratings from the audience made the story lack the necessary psychological depth that captivated me. I was just moved by Kim Hee-ae’s broken and throbbing acting about the heart of a mother, of a middle-aged woman who wandered into separation.
But I do not “want” to understand her character, because perhaps East-West culture difference, when putting the Western storyline with the residential life, with the “opposite” culture and “debate” style of the West, the story the mundane of sex, the sensuality of the kiss, the provocative sense of self-esteem in the community community makes the content much easier to see when it is exposed to the “deep” culture of the East – where the solution will be chosen. decided to be less provocative as the plot depicts – perhaps still fierce but not fierce with the rivalries between husband and wife, parents and children, between lovers one night – pain to run, opposite or “pay the price”. Well, “argue”, “pay the price” and then learn to forgive is a culture imbued with Western culture, not the East.
And the second problem, if calculated on the psychological line, the male protagonist is really the character that needs to be deepened to analyze, because this is the character with the most complex psychology, the cause for all conflicts to arise. , he is the cause of the divorce – inevitably, not the divorce will produce the same pain as the writer’s “argument” lines.
Friendly brother, but he is a mistletoe – poisonous, a parasitic form (like the recent popular Korean Orcar award-winning movie influence). Everywhere he harms his host – he doesn’t need fame or fortune, he needs a flashy existence and moreover demonstrates his manly streak by cheating when he’s with his first wife, and both adultery and “fatherhood” a son while staying with his ex-wife. He wants to possess a host, but still has a dream to occupy two hosts, not to accept one host, like a Coronavirus wants to spread. So he makes excuses, a series of dramas, he transcends the male mentality (educated and grown up) in a normal environment, and he has “illness” – delusions.
If it is a film with more depth, perhaps The world of The married needs to take him to the hospital to see him “awake” and the female lead – the doctor should file a psychiatric assessment with the male lead. like how she dealt with the criminal who lurked around her, and the heroine needs to take a precautionary approach to the poisonous mistletoe’s body for the second time instead of carelessly cutting the host that the mistletoe itself has moved on and rooted in so that it can go back and roll its old and crumbling body into a drama series – maybe there is a solution to a quieter middle-aged divorce.
And that is why, The world of The married is a must-watch but not required to understand. Because the film has chosen a path for people to see, not sympathy or understanding the character. The film captivates viewers with drama, not emotion, to settle down on nostalgia

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