Léon: The Professional – when the assassin knows how to love

Surely, you are no stranger to the name of the veteran French actor Jean Reno, and one of the best movies in Jean’s career must be mentioned is Léon: Professional (film also has 1 other name is The Professional). This is a French criminal film but set in New York, premiered 20 years ago and also the first film by actress Natalie Portman (later very famous through the series Star Wars directed by George Lucas). Léon: Professional has a rate of 8.6 /10 IMDb points and ranks 28th in the top 250 best movies of all time by this movie site.

Assassin is a profession that needs solitude. It requires frugality, silence, no ties, one realm, one world alone, someone who is not subject to any of the moral morals of society, without love, no love for people. When an assassin got all that, it must be a professional, cold-blooded, and murderer purely for money and not for anything else. Léon in the film of the same name directed by Luc Besson is such a guy. After a difficult love affair at the age of 19, Leon – an Italian young man who rolled to New York – USA, was raised and trained by a mafia guy named Tony. Léon becomes an assassin, alone, living in a boring apartment with no friends or pets, drinking only milk and his best friend is a bonsai pot that he carefully and sincerely takes care of every day.

Professional, nimble, always completing the assigned tasks, living simply, without any need for life, every money earned is kept by Tony, Léon (Jean Reno) is like an angel evil, punish anyone without any pity just Tony assigns the job. But is he really inadvertent and cruel? What will happen when he is no longer alone? That was the case, he was no longer alone in letting compassion return to his soul. He pity 12-year-old girl, Mathida (Natalie Portman), the girl who always sat melancholy in the hallway where his apartment. She was treated badly by her family, always lonely and out of place. During a fraudulent amount of drugs being stored, her family was killed by the dirty police. The girl fortunately escaped thanks to her pity that seemed no longer in Léon.

The wolf is no longer alone, wherein human emotions began to bloom. After so many years of emotional restraint, misguided and cold, Léon is clumsy like a child at the age of being aware of someone to take care of, someone who loves her. Tony accepted the change of his “disciple”, he said “change is not good”. But that is not really a change, it is a return to being human, wanting to be loved, to be happy.

The interior scenes of Leon’s room, in the hotel room where they have to go to the dorm because Mathilda’s stubbornness is wonderful, bringing strange emotions, it makes the action movie about the assassin. completely different from other movies. Léon pretends to be a piggy to amuse Mathilda, who in turn presents the game to the old man but always seems naive, innocent and bored. The long sequences, bring us a warm atmosphere, make us forget how miserable those two lives were. An assassin is no longer an assassin when he begins to worry about the lives of others, and for his own future. We always know what will happen to them as this peaceful and happy time passes. But for a man to find his love, its price is never too expensive. Leon’s smile tells me that.

He was happy in a fear that bad things might happen, sad in the joy of being able to become human again, finding meaning in life. The film has created a very natural and rounded personality development for the character, and the ingenuity and acting ability of the actor has made us feel in the most direct way that emotions are changing. In man is believed to be evil angels to alThe impressive combination of the style of using pictures, music, and the great cast gives Léon an attractive, violent, tragic appearance but humorous and very loving.

Léon has made a name for himself Luc Besson – a French director who was noted for his earlier work La femme Nikita, a slow-moving, action-packed film with cleverly used frames that contain inner seductive force. But to mention the great transformation ability of 12-year-old Natalie Portman, and dirty cop Gary Oldman. Critics Roger Ebert did not appreciate the film on the single point of using the 12-year-old in a bloody, violent film with a lot of swearing. Indeed, using a 12-year-old child character has strayed the movie from its humanity, but Natalie Portman has excelled in characterization, she is amazed at her amazing role-playing ability, transformation. facial chemistry, the change in emotions, all clearly showed a mature and powerful Natalie Portman in her later career.

But to me, the most impressive thing is definitely Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight Trilogy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy), playing the role of a dirty policeman, his appearance always has something extremely fierce, crazy and danger. There is little influence of director Stanley Kubrick in using Beethoven music to talk about crime. The main character Stansfield thanks to the role of Gary Oldman with the captivating narrative about the music as he went crazy has become one of the most impressive villains in film history. Gary’s later roles do not often portray the villain anymore, making Stansfield a symbol of the scandal in the American police force under Hollywood’s construction.

The film was produced in 1994, the golden year of cinema when many other excellent films were produced such as Pulp Fiction (Quentin Tarantino), Forest Gump (Robert Zemeck) … However, commercial film Luc’s action Besson is not to be outdone, the positive reviews from professional critics as well as always in the top of the world’s largest movie data site IMDB have said that. Its value cannot be measured by the force of artistic expression that constitutes lessons. Its value lies in the power of cinema, bringing entertainment beyond all time, making every generation interested and loving, the characters live forever like true legends.


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