Closer – The trust is hidden number of love

The articles are merely lines of emotion for a movie that makes me feel solitary, still a bit of a vague when thinking about it, even though I watched Closer for a long time, at a time when I still didn’t understand much about love. But when we love more, we understand better the concept that the film shares with the audience, about the change of love – trust and betrayal, about the tolerance and liberation that the characters in the film have chosen.

Closer is a famous psychological work of director Mike Nichols, born in 2004 with the participation of four celebrities, famous actors Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman and Clive Owen. The film has won many major film awards such as two Golden Globe Awards, a Bafta Award and traveled to many international film festivals. After many years, the movie has always been mentioned as one of the most emotional works about love.

Love in the movie is a mess, separates and assembles together into black and white patches of light and dark, so it makes viewers hesitant in feeling. The main content of the story is about two men and two women with loving caress and sexual attraction, for them to find each other and let them apart. Separation and healing of one couple coming in succession and parallel with the reunion and separation of the other couple has created a world of love that revolves around many questions.

Love, when it is finished, is not a dumb first love, is surprisingly bold, hard to believe. That is the unknown to be proud or embarrassed, not knowing and not wanting to know. I do not want to absolutely believe any of these four characters, as I do not want to believe myself when embarked in love, because love makes people crazy, unbelievably crazy and foolishness was also unexpected. The calmness of love, like a child sitting in front of a statue of God, is unable to calmly recite the sutras, is a dream when we sit and reflect on how we fell in love and learn from love. only love. But you know, the stormy love that makes us sob all day and night can we hold a cold head to regulate a hot heart? I believe not, if that love is real, and that love is simply an enchanting love between two flesh-and-blood people-free from any other ties. Love in the movie is love that way, even though it knows it will fluctuate, it still makes people passionately engage and suffer.

Magical love, talking like a joke! But really love can spark the smartest person, if they don’t want or know how to step out. Love is the most dishonest investment, because it is almost impossible to own it. But a man is a greedy animal, always wanting to own what he has invested – because he knows he cannot possess it, so he desperately wants to take it. The straightforwardness, not hiding anything between two lovers is the absolute love that can be merged into one! Do not joke with me, you just try to say all of your thoughts to see if you live a long life together, I bet not, especially talking about your love story with your lover will not. So don’t try to blend the two, but one according to the ideal couple love songs.

Dan (Jude Law) in Closer is a guy like that, he is not naive enough to try to blend two souls, but he wants to know everything about his mates. He wanted to know if his lover slept with the other guy because he didn’t know what happened, stuck his heart and played with the mistress with the question of yes or not when she had decided to side. him. Love, when needed, also needs to close its eyes to ignore it, that is to endure and accept the chipping to keep the example peaceful in the constant fluctuation of the love wave. If you do not know how to accept the limit of your ego, if you ask absolutely while choosing love then love will not choose you, because love, like you, also wants to return to the gentle land, so that it can calmly welcome the cheerful breeze even though the feelings for you are still lingering in your soul.

Anna (Julia Roberts) decided like that, decided to return to the peaceful land after the storm to peacefully remember Dan. I don’t know if Anna still loves Dan, but I think Anna is still thinking about Dan, thinking about the love that is late for her, because at her age people can’t love kids like Dan anymore. the type of constant tap and no sympathy for the one you love. Anna’s belief in Dan is not enough for her to drift in love so she stops, and endures the connection with her ex-husband – the husband at first she chose to leave, chose to break up because of his selfishness. I questioned how I felt in bed with my lover. But in the end, she knew all men were the same, everyone wanted to possess more than understand her dream of freedom and peace. Her passion is just a male booty, so she gave up Dan to go back to Larry, because she knew there couldn’t be both: passion and peace.

Larry (Clive Owen) is an old fox, so the lamb Dan could not overcome his fingers of retaliation, because Dan once dared to steal his wife. Larry understood Dan as he was – at some point, he understood what Dan thought inwardly to snatch his wife back with the most callous tricks, and shatter Dan’s love career with the dancer. nude Alice. With a thick face demanding sleep with his ex-wife to sign a divorce paper, Larry took back the wife by the same reason that caused her to leave. Love is created out of possession, then just breaking that possession will be able to bring love away. Dan lost Anna because of that, the same reason Larry also lost Anna to Dan last time, but unfortunately there is no chance for Dan again because he does not know enough that he was put in the wheel of Larry. But Dan continues to make the second mistake, to think more mature, but also to lose another mistress because of Larry’s retaliation. I don’t know if Larry and Alice are or not, but I want to believe the direction between the two of them is nothing but a night of talking together. Because Dan still had a boy who was prone to getting his nose pierced with Larry’s psychological game, because Dan was weakly disbelieving in the love of two women who ever came to him.

As mentioned before, the love here other than the attraction between two people simply doesn’t have attraction coming from the reason, so Dan didn’t understand when the woman chose, they would decide to let go. and gradually forget about it. Women are different from men in that, they will not save the past like the way men carry the past on their shoulders. Women, too, seem to be more accepting than men, and are much easier to cope with thorny psychological states than men. Because women are always more consistent than men. But at the same time, women love peace more than men, women do not need the feeling of discovery and conquest like men promote, and a man who understands women should understand that in the long run they wants to be in the comfort of his home, rather than a husband’s plan — even for the reason of love.

Dan keeps petty everyday on Alice (Natalie Portman), so when Alice surrendered to accept something unsuccessful, she was too tired to find peace for herself, so she chose to leave, because Dan wanted to challenge love. love with beliefs towards her. When a person realizes that the person he loves inherently does not believe him, how to endure it, because it is a pain that shatters the self-esteem of love. He can betray and can be forgiven to return, but if he does not trust each other, no matter how he does it, love will be broken. Dan’s love for Alice is a selfish love, a love for her possession that can step on her beliefs – faith for her to cling to to overcome the change of kindness Dan and living on. Alice died as a love when she understood the feeling of being ruined inside the person she loved and suffered for love. The day Alice returned to America was also the day she was relieved, free to untie her soul when she suffered from love. Love has gone away, halfway around the world, so Dan will lose Alice within her reach.

Faith in love is not something that must be blindly said, but it is essential for love to endure. One can live together for a lifetime without love, but one cannot live together without trust – believing in the nature of the other person, not worshiping it or despising it, only believing what it is. Closer means closer, yes closer love is that steadfast belief, simple and simple belief, a belief that can make people climb across the sea to find each other. And when there is no longer that belief, people lose each other, hurt and she is sad.

Closer is a British film with a direct view of love in lust to write about a belief that flows through the pendulum swing, the oscillation that as long as we walk through it will change everything. Closer, a movie that creates a game for people to play with in order to find faith for their own love, with movies of romance mixed in the dry, humorous enough to be sarcastic, combined with that with late regret sent back the amorous eyes of four experienced actors Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, Clive Owen. It is these things that sublimate to create a drama of love drama, where four people who love each other caress and trample each other in a love battle.

Trust is an unknown number of love !!!

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